Many recent garage door systems require security+ 2.0 protocol, which means its door button is not a simple switch, but rather, it has a security chip inside that sends encoded signals to the garage door system when you click the button. These kind of systems usually have a yellow 'learn' button and a yellow antenna. In order to use OpenGarage with these systems, you will need a security+ 2.0 adapter. While we sell a security+ 2.0 adapter on our website, if you have an existing door button that works with your system, or a remote that works with your system, and you have basic soldering skills, you can slightly modify the adapter yourself (by soldering two wires onto its button) and that way you can use it with OpenGarage. Below are instructions on how to do so.

  1. Prepare security+ 2.0 compatible door button or remote that works with your garage door system. In the example below, we use LiftMaster 883LMW as an example, which is an inexpensive door button that supports security+ 2.0.
  2. Unscrew the door button or remote to take out the circuit board. As shown below.
  3. Identify the tactile button on the circuit board. Then solder two wires to the button pins. The button itself has 4 pins, but there are only two unique pins: each two that are on the same line are internally connected hence are the same pin. Make sure you solder two wires onto two different pins, as shown below:
  4. Assemble the circuit back to its enclosure, and you are all set.
  5. To use your security+ 2.0 adapter with OpenGarage, follow the diagram below: